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Mosquitoes chasing you off your lawn?!

Enjoy your lawn this summer with Nutri-Lawn Mosquito Control Service


Mosquito control starting from $84.99 per app!

Start protecting your family today!

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Fear Not the Pesky Mosquito,

Nutri-Lawn has the Solution!

Enjoy your yard this summer without constantly slapping at mosquitoes! Nutri-Lawn can reduce, prevent and control mosquito populations in your yard by creating a season long barrier and specifically targeting where they live.

Controlling mosquitoes is also important becasue they are known to transmit infectious diseases, including the West Nile virus. Protect your family this summer with Nutri-Lawn Mosquito control.

  • All natural repellants or synthetic mosquito killer avalible
  • Effective Control
  • Property-wide protection
  • Start the program at any time